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  1. Photo of Petra Katharina Wagner

    Petra Katharina Wagner Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christian Redl

    Christian Redl Cast

  3. Photo of Anna Thalbach

    Anna Thalbach Cast

  4. Photo of Elisabeth Trissenaar

    Elisabeth Trissenaar Cast

  5. Photo of Reiner Heise

    Reiner Heise Cast

  6. Photo of Nadja Engel

    Nadja Engel Cast

  7. Photo of Günter Junghans

    Günter Junghans Cast

  8. Photo of Wookie Mayer

    Wookie Mayer Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Gerber

    Thomas Gerber Cast

  10. Photo of Joachim Paul Assböck

    Joachim Paul Assböck Cast

  11. Photo of Gilbert Mieroph

    Gilbert Mieroph Cast

  12. Photo of Arianne Borbach

    Arianne Borbach Cast

  13. Photo of Tayfun Bademsoy

    Tayfun Bademsoy Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Polsak-Lohmann

    Peter Polsak-Lohmann Cinematography

  15. Photo of Simon Jeffes

    Simon Jeffes Music

  16. Photo of Karin Bierbaum

    Karin Bierbaum Production Design

  17. Photo of Jörg Wagner

    Jörg Wagner Producer

  18. Photo of Erik Stappenbeck

    Erik Stappenbeck Editing and Producer

  19. Photo of Hermann Ebling

    Hermann Ebling Sound