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  1. Photo of Joachim Trier

    Joachim Trier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eskil Vogt

    Eskil Vogt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anders Danielsen Lie

    Anders Danielsen Lie Cast

  4. Photo of Hans Olav Brenner

    Hans Olav Brenner Cast

  5. Photo of Ingrid Olavs

    Ingrid Olavs Cast

  6. Photo of Øystein Røger

    Øystein Røger Cast

  7. Photo of Malin Crépin

    Malin Crépin Cast

  8. Photo of Tone B. Mostraum

    Tone B. Mostraum Cast

  9. Photo of Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal

    Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal Cast

  10. Photo of Johanne Kjellevik Ledang

    Johanne Kjellevik Ledang Cast

  11. Photo of Petter Width

    Petter Width Cast

  12. Photo of Renate Reinsve

    Renate Reinsve Cast

  13. Photo of Anders Borchgrevink

    Anders Borchgrevink Cast

  14. Photo of Emil Lund

    Emil Lund Cast

  15. Photo of Andreas Braaten

    Andreas Braaten Cast

  16. Photo of Jakob Ihre

    Jakob Ihre Cinematography

  17. Photo of Torgny Amdam

    Torgny Amdam Music

  18. Photo of Ola Fløttum

    Ola Fløttum Music

  19. Photo of Jørgen Stangebye Larsen

    Jørgen Stangebye Larsen Production Design

  20. Photo of Solfrid Kjetså

    Solfrid Kjetså Production Design

  21. Photo of Hans-Jørgen Osnes

    Hans-Jørgen Osnes Producer

  22. Photo of Yngve Sæther

    Yngve Sæther Producer

  23. Photo of Olivier Bugge Coutté

    Olivier Bugge Coutté Editing

  24. Photo of Gisele Tveito

    Gisele Tveito Editing

  25. Photo of Gisle Tveito

    Gisle Tveito Sound