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  1. Photo of Luchino Visconti

    Luchino Visconti Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mario Alicata

    Mario Alicata Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giuseppe de Santis

    Giuseppe de Santis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gianni Puccini

    Gianni Puccini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mario Serandrei

    Mario Serandrei Editing

  6. Photo of Giuseppe Rosati

    Giuseppe Rosati Music

  7. Photo of Domenico Scala

    Domenico Scala Cinematography

  8. Photo of Aldo Tonti

    Aldo Tonti Cinematography

  9. Photo of Clara Calamai

    Clara Calamai Cast

  10. Photo of Massimo Girotti

    Massimo Girotti Cast

  11. Photo of Dhia Cristiani

    Dhia Cristiani Cast

  12. Photo of Elio Marcuzzo

    Elio Marcuzzo Cast

  13. Photo of Vittorio Duse

    Vittorio Duse Cast

  14. Photo of Michele Riccardini

    Michele Riccardini Cast

  15. Photo of Juan de Landa

    Juan de Landa Cast

  16. Photo of Alberto Moravia

    Alberto Moravia Screenplay

  17. Photo of Antonio Pietrangeli

    Antonio Pietrangeli Screenplay

  18. Photo of James M. Cain

    James M. Cain Screenplay

  19. Photo of Libero Solaroli

    Libero Solaroli Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Gino Franzi

    Gino Franzi Production Design

  21. Photo of Tommaso Barberini

    Tommaso Barberini Sound

  22. Photo of Arrigo Usigli

    Arrigo Usigli Sound