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  1. Michael Rozek's rating of the film Ostende

    Perhaps a perfect film, with an equally perfect lead performance. Shows that films don't have to be "about"... anything--but, can just "be." Like life. Should be the model for hundreds of hundred of far inferior films made in the last ten years, in its meticulous staying of course and microscopic attention to detail. Stunning in its resonant aftermath...

  2. Juan Javier's rating of the film Ostende

    Buena aunque algo desarticulada.

  3. EdieEmm's rating of the film Ostende

    Gah! Moguillansky’s editing is so fun it distracts me from every movie he’s edited. Precociously expressive, like there’s some literal synthesthetic language he’s got some sort of access to; flow itself. The film, as directed by Citarella, stays pretty safely in postmodernism’s shallow end, with its conceptual basis not nearly flushed out enough to support the feature length run-time. Still, not bad. 2.75

  4. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film Ostende

    The film has an intriguing premise in its whimsical take on a young woman's listless imagination. The sense of ambiance is strong in wordless moments such as the women wading through the ocean or the clouds along the horizon (the film contains some striking cinematography). I was all set to give the film 3 stars until the final scene which struck me as unnecessarily brutal. Too abrupt of a tonal shift.

  5. mootz15's rating of the film Ostende

    The Mubi description talks of hitchockian undertones but the whole thing feels like an unapologetic and taut hitchockian pastiche with a delightfully unsettling score. The final scene is both banal and blood-curdling. Another Argentinian pepita de oro.

  6. lou.'s rating of the film Ostende

    I started watching this movie thinking that was a bit boring, and I still think it definitely was, at the very end.

  7. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Ostende

  8. captainfez's rating of the film Ostende

    I was more interested in the le Carré she was reading than the film she was in.

  9. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Ostende

    At the 25-minute mark, the waiter starts talking about his movie idea. Why didn't they make that one instead?

  10. Gonzalo's rating of the film Ostende

    Película excesivamente lenta sin ser contemplativa, cuya premisa podría haber sido resuelta en quince minutos y que no explota el potencial que el entorno (el viejo hotel Ostende) podría haber ofrecido. Ofrece menos de lo que promete y se hace por momentos soporífera a pesar de su 81 minutos.

  11. fearraigh's rating of the film Ostende

    There's an air of Antonioni about this and it also bears the imprint of other films from the Pampero stable. Burns slowly in a modest fashion but the sense of underlying menace is palpable. A good debut.

  12. David R Williams's rating of the film Ostende

    Would make an interesting companion piece to Antonioni's "Blow Up". Gives away a bit too much at the end.

  13. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film Ostende

    A film about the separation between points of space.

  14. Loz Loory's rating of the film Ostende

    2.5 I wanted to like this film, as there are so few movies about women traveling alone. Yet it took me 3 viewings to watch the whole thing. I kept falling asleep. There wasn't enough plot to sustain a feature-length movie. If we'd had a "B" story and "C" story, the film might have worked. As it is, the "A" story is too skimpy. Possibly more musical score could have helped, though the diegetic sound was appropriate.

  15. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Ostende

    Written and directed by Laura Citarella, this stars Laura Paredes enjoying the prize of some free off-peak holiday time at a hotel. Noticing the activities of others in the hotel, she starts to create a scenario in her mind. Entirely fictional? Or does it have some core of truth? Part laze in the sun, part Antonioni-esque look at passive witnesses to something that may or may not be dangerous. A little cracker.

  16. Raquel's rating of the film Ostende

    The storytelling didn't work for me, maybe because of the boring visuals; they didn't add anything up to the movie.

  17. Kevin Langhamer's rating of the film Ostende

  18. Superfrog's rating of the film Ostende

    The format of the film is both griping and leaving a lot of space to imagination and self reflection. In that it works really well. and I don't like films that do not hold my hand. A few self indulgent exercises in scenes are funny if a bit dragging on ( the crunch paper suspense, the script telling, ... ) All in all, worth it as a piece of film and as an exploration of storytelling techniques.

  19. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Ostende

    An off-season vacationer pieces together a mystery that seems only to exist in her head while waiting for her boyfriend to join her. In certain moments it drags out of tandem with its already slow pace, but still enjoyable and engaging. An austere film which uses its lack of flair towards its charm. A rough four.

  20. Psoz's rating of the film Ostende

    This movie totally misses the foundation of storytelling: conflict. To call this Hitchcockian is ridiculous. Hitchcock is the one who said "Drama is life with the dull bits cut out". This movie is life in all its dullness.

  21. John Burgess's rating of the film Ostende

    Beautifully understated thriller. The sparing use of musical soundtrack makes it all the more impactful when it comes in 20 minutes into the film. I admired the courage of the director to take time to pause over scenery, and let the viewer's own thoughts almost write the dialogue for her. That closing scene is the longest fade ever, and the guy riding his bike in the closing minute is a nice touch. Good work.

  22. Ruben Roman's rating of the film Ostende

    La película se sostiene gracias a Laura Paredes. Ella logra mantener el interés en la trama.

  23. Viacheslav's rating of the film Ostende

    As defined by the director/writer, this is a film about film. Laura Paredes's character can hardly be called the main protagonist, rather the main spectator (and she's absolutely great playing that part). What disappoints some people about this film is exactly what makes it great: the culmination happens when the audience has already left.

  24. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Ostende

    Very interesting way (or ways) to tell a story in 2011 or any year.

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