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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Othello

    I can't stand the story of Othello. Doesn't have a lot of subtlety. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. I give it 2 stars for a very imaginative production. Also, the blackface is a little offensive.

  2. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Othello

    Distinto a "Macbeth", Welles hace una puesta en escena liberada de la carga expresionista. "Otelo" es además una versión que se aleja del formato victoriano, desde su performance hasta sus mismos diálogos. La versión aquí es más fílmica y menos teatral. En trama, apasionante ese cambio brutal del Moro. Su semblante maligno angustia. Yago flagela con maestría mientras Desdémona es martitizada. El alma es la tragedia.

  3. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Othello

    Oddly, Welles' Othello reminds me of a Black and White graphic novel (a delightful one), with lots of terrific POV angles using bold pen and ink illustrations of dark cavernous castle passages and noirish keylights with blue-black shadows, all the while incorporating a toned-down Elizabethan language in bite-size cartouches over the

  4.'s rating of the film Othello

    The bard would have been very grateful.

  5. josé neves's rating of the film Othello

  6. Arcanus's rating of the film Othello

    I love Orson in "blackface" !!!

  7. Cole Caudle's rating of the film Othello

    This is at times breathtakingly good. However its frenetic pace, which is a product of its patchwork method of shooting, does at times bewilder the viewer. I can't imagine a viewer who wasn't already very familiar with the play understanding much of what goes on. That said Welles makes for a wonderful Othello, by far my favourite interpretation of the role. And there are moments of pure gold throughout.

  8. theladyassassin's rating of the film Othello

    I love this play turned script; Iago was the original psychopath

  9. joey Noodles's rating of the film Othello

    One of Welles' very best, a macabre and staggering adaptation of Shakespeare's play. 5/5

  10. Gylfi's rating of the film Othello

    I watched the 1992 restored version released by Welles daughter. I loved it. But I hope to see the original version one day and compare the two, Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote about how the new version is inferior to the original in so many ways. Still, highly recommended masterpiece that shows Welles talent for adapting Shakespeare's plays to the big screen.

  11. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Othello

    This isn't exactly Shakespeare, but it may be the best film ever derived from his work: a disorienting, phantasmagoric staging of Othello sped up to such a pace (and done with such a grim, beautiful eye for chaos) that nearly every shot can send your mind reeling. The result is the only Shakespeare adaptation that runs the risk of giving you a panic attack.

  12. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Othello

    Critique réalisée à l'occasion de la sortie en salle de la version numérique restaurée 2K en France (avril 2014) :

  13. Daniela's rating of the film Othello

    Amazing acting and directing.

  14. Dave's rating of the film Othello

    Incredible film, possibly my favorite movie adaptation of Shakespeare. Incredibly underrated Welles film that deserves to be as well-known as his more acclaimed movies.

  15. Umberto L.'s rating of the film Othello

    The ultimate low-budget masterpiece. Both Orson Welles' interpretation and directing style are as great as the tragedy from Shakespeare. Ladies & Gentlemen, you will agree if I say that these men are two giants of the man-kind!

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