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  1. Photo of Marko Škop

    Marko Škop Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jan Melis

    Jan Melis Producer and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Ján Lazorík

    Ján Lazorík Cast

  4. Photo of Fedor Vico

    Fedor Vico Cast

  5. Photo of Ignác Červeňák

    Ignác Červeňák Cast

  6. Photo of Tono Triščík

    Tono Triščík Cast

  7. Photo of Katarína Hrehovčáková

    Katarína Hrehovčáková Cast

  8. Photo of Stano Čorej

    Stano Čorej Cast

  9. Photo of Frantisek Krähenbiel

    Frantisek Krähenbiel Editing

  10. Photo of Igor Vrabec

    Igor Vrabec Sound