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  1. Photo of John G. Blystone

    John G. Blystone Director

  2. Photo of Buster Keaton

    Buster Keaton Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Joseph M. Schenck

    Joseph M. Schenck Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jean C. Havez

    Jean C. Havez Screenplay

  5. Photo of Clyde Bruckman

    Clyde Bruckman Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joseph A. Mitchell

    Joseph A. Mitchell Screenplay

  7. Photo of Gordon Jennings

    Gordon Jennings Cinematography

  8. Photo of Elgin Lessley

    Elgin Lessley Cinematography

  9. Photo of Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts Cast

  10. Photo of Ralph Bushman

    Ralph Bushman Cast

  11. Photo of Craig Ward

    Craig Ward Cast

  12. Photo of Monte Collins

    Monte Collins Cast

  13. Photo of Joe Keaton

    Joe Keaton Cast

  14. Photo of Kitty Bradbury

    Kitty Bradbury Cast

  15. Photo of Natalie Talmadge

    Natalie Talmadge Cast

  16. Photo of Buster Keaton Jr

    Buster Keaton Jr Cast

  17. Photo of Erwin Connelly

    Erwin Connelly Cast

  18. Photo of Edward Coxen

    Edward Coxen Cast

  19. Photo of James Duffy

    James Duffy Cast

  20. Photo of Jean Dumas

    Jean Dumas Cast

  21. Photo of Tom London

    Tom London Cast

  22. Photo of Carl Davis

    Carl Davis Music

  23. Photo of Walter J. Israel

    Walter J. Israel Costume Design