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  1. Photo of Roberto Bonfim

    Roberto Bonfim Cast

  2. Photo of Reginaldo Calmon

    Reginaldo Calmon Cast

  3. Photo of Arduíno Colassanti

    Arduíno Colassanti Cast

  4. Photo of Elmo Califontes

    Elmo Califontes Cast

  5. Photo of Sylvio Back

    Sylvio Back Director, Screenplay Producer

  6. Photo of Margit Richter

    Margit Richter Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Pedro Neves

    Pedro Neves Cinematography

  8. Photo of Francisco Sérgio Moreira

    Francisco Sérgio Moreira Editing

  9. Photo of Lamartine Babo

    Lamartine Babo Music

  10. Photo of Eduardo Dusek

    Eduardo Dusek Music

  11. Photo of Luís Carlos Góes

    Luís Carlos Góes Music

  12. Photo of Alberto Ribeiro

    Alberto Ribeiro Music

  13. Photo of Jairo Severiano

    Jairo Severiano Music

  14. Photo of Príncipe Valente

    Príncipe Valente Music

  15. Photo of Roberto Leite

    Roberto Leite Sound