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  1. Photo of Goutam Ghose

    Goutam Ghose Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of B. Narsing Rao

    B. Narsing Rao Producer, Screenplay, Music

  3. Photo of G. Ravindranath

    G. Ravindranath Producer

  4. Photo of Krishan Chander

    Krishan Chander Screenplay

  5. Photo of Partha Banerjee

    Partha Banerjee Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pran Rao

    Pran Rao Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kamal Nayak

    Kamal Nayak Cinematography

  8. Photo of Sai Chand

    Sai Chand Cast

  9. Photo of Rami Reddy

    Rami Reddy Cast

  10. Photo of Kakarala

    Kakarala Cast

  11. Photo of Bhoopal Reddy

    Bhoopal Reddy Cast

  12. Photo of Yadagiri

    Yadagiri Cast

  13. Photo of Hamsa

    Hamsa Cast

  14. Photo of Pokala

    Pokala Cast

  15. Photo of Rajeshwari

    Rajeshwari Cast

  16. Photo of Prasad Rao

    Prasad Rao Cast

  17. Photo of Pradeep Kumar

    Pradeep Kumar Cast

  18. Photo of Lakshmana Rao

    Lakshmana Rao Cast

  19. Photo of Nagabhushanam

    Nagabhushanam Music

  20. Photo of Seeta Vinjanuri

    Seeta Vinjanuri Music