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  1. naokoken's rating of the film Our Nixon

    "There is no doubt he will be judged as one of the great presidents." says John Erlichman near the beginning. I thought of Daniel Pinkwater's book Lizard Music with the kid falling asleep listening to Walter Cronkite. "Hello Neal and Buzz. I am talking to you from the Oval Room at The White House. And this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made at the White House." The incredible irony.

  2. SpacePirate's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Love old Super 8 footage, however, the doc itself bored me to tears. Dont watch late at night or you will like me, pass out 30 mins in

  3. Operation Kino's rating of the film Our Nixon

  4. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film Our Nixon

    The use of archival footage with audio tapes of discussions between the president and his advisors successfully created a personal look into the experience of being a part of a close group. It made me think of what could happen when a group of people are so close and something begins to unravel them. I don't think this would have been as successful in another format or structure.

  5. muse_x's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Ahh, Dick, you were such a hoot! Big ups to the editors!

  6. Omus's rating of the film Our Nixon

    There's not much new, but it's a captivating inside look at Nixon's White House. The audio of a drunken Nixon asking Halderman for one last favor is a true what the fuck moment. Home movies of Rose Garden flower beds accompany the dialogue of a drunk, broken man.

  7. David R Williams's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Why are Republicans such scumbags? And why are so many Americans stupid enough to keep putting them into power? You cannot watch this and not think of Watergate and dirty tricks and worst of all, how this rat-bastard Sabotaged the Paris peace talks which kept the Vietnam War going for another x number of years. Another GOP war criminal.

  8. JMT's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Evil with a human face

  9. Jean Eisenhower's rating of the film Our Nixon

    What an interesting vantage - the home movies of egoistic young men, in advertising and law, swept into the Nixon administration where they create historical scandal and record each other's smiles all the while.

  10. Daniel Spiegel's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Nicely done. This is more of an attempt to humanize some of the people behind the events. The use of 8mm footage and editing with multiple sources provides a well-paced, almost fun look at some seriously grim moments in American history.

  11. ShawnD's rating of the film Our Nixon

    A gem that demonstrates what a talented editor can do. There's no original footage, but the filmmakers masterfully overlay the home videos with the infamous tapes. The moment where Nixon et al discuss the existence of the tapes is chilling. As is the conversation with an aide about the imminent resignation of Haldeman and Ehrlichmann. The post-resignation conversation b/w Nixon and Haldeman is deeply revealing.

  12. Zac Weber's rating of the film Our Nixon

    The archival, home movie feel is inexplicably intriguing and reveals the inner workings of a very insecure man. I almost choked when Dwight Chapin said anti-war protestors prolonged the situation (see: occupation) in Vietnam. I had never seen the clip of the woman from the Ray Coniff Singers admonishing President Nixon, and the contrast between their music and the Pentagon Papers headlines was very powerful.

  13. T Mills's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Intriguing but doesn't quite have a punch to it. Something is missing here.

  14. Mitch's rating of the film Our Nixon

    A view from inside the president's bubble. So, no smoking gun or admission of guilt from the conspirators. Still, interesting for what they saw at his side in China.

  15. El Biffo's rating of the film Our Nixon

  16. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Our Nixon

    This film is a cleanly put together retelling of the events and story around Nixon. There is nothing missing, nor is there nothing particularly enlightening about what is imparted from the film. It is delivered well, providing more than its fair share of wit and charm. Definitely an easy watch for me.

  17. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Our Nixon

    What excellent editorial work!

  18. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Our Nixon

    For a long time I was sick of the whole Watergate thing having lived through it. All the conspirators tried to make money from their books. That gave rise to "Don't buy books from crooks". People don't care about that anymore. Nixon never admitted his guilt. For some people Republicans were evil from that point on, ignoring how JFK stole the election from Nixon, of course.

  19. Loz Loory's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Great assemblage of audio & video footage. Excellent look at the people surrounding Nixon & at America's reception of him. I was four when he resigned, so I've grown up only hearing about Watergate (bad man) vs. China (good man). It helped to see footage of roadside crowds cheering, to remember there were many days when his smile was somewhat lovable, before he became reduced in history to the word "crook."

  20. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Curious, the leveling effect of Super 8 "home movies," which, much like the Polaroid pictures whose heyday they shared, had a way of making whatever they depicted seem to share the same home. I half-expected to see myself toddle or hurtle alongside sibs and cousins into these shaggy scenes shot on the White House lawn, in the "oval room," on Air Force One, etc. So, I guess I get a little sentimental about Nixon, too.

  21. saltwater's rating of the film Our Nixon

    An interesting historical document. The voices on the tapes tell the story better than any talking head.

  22. Ben Loory's rating of the film Our Nixon

    Fascinating. A fresh look inside. Really enjoyed it.

  23. Kevin's rating of the film Our Nixon

    I would rather see the super 8 films of the Grateful Dead during the same period, or the Black Panthers, or Playboy, or Andy Warhol or frankly just about anything else. Wasted film.

  24. brianwflood's rating of the film Our Nixon

    An excellent doc, a a really creative approach to the political expose doc, using home movies and archival footage only, and period music in a really witty way.

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