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Ratings & Reviews

  1. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    I never knew Denis Côté could be such a romantic.

  2. Nima's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    I'm so upset for the time I wasted. Worst movie I have ever watched, ever.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    Aptly named second feature from Denis Cote that finds a young Quebecer of Bulgarian descent invite a Bulgarian man who she met on the internet to join her in rustic St Melanie for three weeks of discovery. What they find is the modern techonological connection doesn't necessarily translate to a live flesh one beyond the animalistic desire.Added subplots weren't necessary as the intent of the filmmaker shines through.

  4. syzygos's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    Good acting but there is no real story here. Disappointing in the end.

  5. Caligula's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    Dogme 95 style filmmaking with a couple-in-the-woods psychodrama plotline that completely prefigures Von Trier's own Antichrist. I'm not sure if the ending, reminiscent of Claire Denis' Beau Travaile, entirely works, though, but it's a solid outing from Cote. Not his best film (Curling, Carcasses, and All That She Wants are superior), but definitely worth watching. The tension in the second half is unbearable.

  6. Pál's rating of the film Our Private Lives

    Interesting to watch a movie about human behavior after Bestiaire. I like the start, how they realize that the one thing missing from this is time spent together, but unfortunately the film takes a negative twist and they can never get close to each other. Instead, we get a bunch of alienated-in-a-forest-lodge scenes. The zoomings made me dizzy, and they didn't make much sense with a photographer in a foreign land.