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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ingrid Aldama's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Visually impacting, beautifully shot, amazing cinematography and sound. Still, it lost me.

  2. Superfrog's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Somewhat pretentious cheap symbolism combined with absent narration make for a festival piece that does not warrant broader screenig as it would lose most audiences. The last scene is a clear attempt at getting it out of the catatonic state the previously, oh so clever circularity example, hurly-burly accompanied scene must have caused.

  3. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Ouroboros

    The title and shooting style clue viewers into some of the main thematic exploration here, making it a more interesting experience than it otherwise would be. I wasn't expecting to be drawn in but Basma Alsharif managed, at times, to do just that. It's not consistent enough to rate as a good film though, just hovering above and below the average mark.

  4. polo's rating of the film Ouroboros

  5. a.aragonm's rating of the film Ouroboros

  6. Tim Winter's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Couldn't make head nor tail of that!

  7. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Dislocation, isolation, grief, conveyed as an abstract series of images of places, times, memories. With the lack of narrative structure we are forced to imagine one. Beautifully wrought images placed purposefully beyond our ability to find the coherent pattern that holds them together. Like the characters, we struggle to find our place. I found the backwards sequences to be unnecessary and mostly distracting.

  8. Juan's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Conjuga imágenes y sonidos, pero también es muy silenciosa y poético-verbal. Sería la versión cinematográfica del Edén, de no ser porque toda la película está empapada en una extraña melancolía.

  9. David Perez's rating of the film Ouroboros

    Annoying more than anything else. Get to the point. Illustrate the narrative and then move. Too much nonsense here.

  10. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Ouroboros

    It's a little too long but the overall looping effect of what has been, is, and might be is intriguing and some of the imagery and cinematography is breathtaking. The resonance of internal exile to a dilapidated backwater which is the subject of Carlo Levi's transcendent 'Christ Stopped At Eboli' is profound. Matera will of course be European Capital of Culture in 2019! So times do change.

  11. Raquel's rating of the film Ouroboros

    This made me want to look around and find beauty in time and light.

  12. Gioele's rating of the film Ouroboros

    A volte si perde... ma memorabile!

  13. Gabriele Pumo's rating of the film Ouroboros

    2.5 A film about rewinding time to deal with trauma that is visually stunning and inventive but which loses its focus in its central part.