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  1. Photo of Michael Mayer

    Michael Mayer Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yael Shafrir

    Yael Shafrir Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicholas Jacob

    Nicholas Jacob Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Aloni

    Michael Aloni Cast

  5. Photo of Jamil Khoury

    Jamil Khoury Cast

  6. Photo of Loai Nofi

    Loai Nofi Cast

  7. Photo of Khawlah Hag-Debsy

    Khawlah Hag-Debsy Cast

  8. Photo of Alon Pdot

    Alon Pdot Cast

  9. Photo of Maysa Daw

    Maysa Daw Cast

  10. Photo of Shimon Mimran

    Shimon Mimran Cast

  11. Photo of Alon Oleartchik

    Alon Oleartchik Cast

  12. Photo of Chelli Goldenberg

    Chelli Goldenberg Cast

  13. Photo of Moris Cohen

    Moris Cohen Cast

  14. Photo of Tal Elimelech

    Tal Elimelech Cast

  15. Photo of Majd Bitar

    Majd Bitar Cast

  16. Photo of Huda Al Imam

    Huda Al Imam Cast

  17. Photo of Tony Haddad

    Tony Haddad Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Teplitzky

    Michael Teplitzky Cast

  19. Photo of Rami Kashy

    Rami Kashy Cast

  20. Photo of Karam Dabas

    Karam Dabas Cast

  21. Photo of Gidon Ucko

    Gidon Ucko Cast

  22. Photo of Salam Hassan

    Salam Hassan Cast

  23. Photo of Didi Lubetzky

    Didi Lubetzky Cast

  24. Photo of Alex Kipper

    Alex Kipper Cast

  25. Photo of Yossi Algim

    Yossi Algim Cast

  26. Photo of Yoav Goldwein

    Yoav Goldwein Cast

  27. Photo of Monica Haim

    Monica Haim Cast

  28. Photo of Ran Aviad

    Ran Aviad Cinematography

  29. Photo of Mark Holden

    Mark Holden Music

  30. Photo of Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez Music

  31. Photo of Lihu Roter

    Lihu Roter Producer

  32. Photo of Maria Gonzales

    Maria Gonzales Editing