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  1. Photo of Brad Ingelsby

    Brad Ingelsby Screenplay

  2. Photo of Scott Cooper

    Scott Cooper Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Christian Bale

    Christian Bale Cast

  4. Photo of Zoe Saldana

    Zoe Saldana Cast

  5. Photo of Woody Harrelson

    Woody Harrelson Cast

  6. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  7. Photo of Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Cast

  8. Photo of Casey Affleck

    Casey Affleck Cast

  9. Photo of Sam Shepard

    Sam Shepard Cast

  10. Photo of Boyd Holbrook

    Boyd Holbrook Cast

  11. Photo of Dendrie Taylor

    Dendrie Taylor Cast

  12. Photo of Tom Bower

    Tom Bower Cast

  13. Photo of Mark Kubr

    Mark Kubr Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Erdie

    Jack Erdie Cast

  15. Photo of Aaron Toney

    Aaron Toney Cast

  16. Photo of Gordon Michaels

    Gordon Michaels Cast

  17. Photo of Tommy Lafitte

    Tommy Lafitte Cast

  18. Photo of James Quinn

    James Quinn Cast

  19. Photo of Bobby Wolfe

    Bobby Wolfe Cast

  20. Photo of Matt Baker

    Matt Baker Cast

  21. Photo of Efka Kvaraciejus

    Efka Kvaraciejus Cast

  22. Photo of Masanobu Takayanagi

    Masanobu Takayanagi Cinematography

  23. Photo of Dickon Hinchliffe

    Dickon Hinchliffe Music

  24. Photo of Thérèse DePrez

    Thérèse DePrez Production Design

  25. Photo of Michael Costigan

    Michael Costigan Producer

  26. Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio Producer

  27. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Producer

  28. Photo of Tony Scott

    Tony Scott Producer

  29. Photo of Riza Aziz

    Riza Aziz Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Jason Beckman

    Jason Beckman Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Robbie Brenner

    Robbie Brenner Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Ron Burkle

    Ron Burkle Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Jason Colbeck

    Jason Colbeck Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Jason Colodne

    Jason Colodne Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Joe Gatta

    Joe Gatta Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Joey McFarland

    Joey McFarland Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Christian Mercuri

    Christian Mercuri Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Tucker Tooley

    Tucker Tooley Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Jeff G. Waxman

    Jeff G. Waxman Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Brooklyn Weaver

    Brooklyn Weaver Executive Producer

  41. Photo of David Rosenbloom

    David Rosenbloom Editing