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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Outbreak

    Pas de quoi s'affoler dans cette superproduction américaine fort quelconque...

  2. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Outbreak

    Generic, campy, over the top, yet entertaining and tons of fun. This really isn't a good movie but movies about killer viruses always play decently and make us wonder what if. Acting, bad. Narrative, bad. Cinematography, non existent. Yet it somehow comes across not just better than the individual parts, but downright enjoyable. Beats me.

  3. Chris's rating of the film Outbreak

    its a fun disaster movie and doesn't pretend to be much more

  4. MGeo's rating of the film Outbreak

    Aside from being a mostly generic disaster movie, this movie has added life for me because of it being brought up a bunch of times in the short-lived Clerks cartoon ("the deadly Motaba virus"). Other than that...meh.

  5. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Outbreak

    Una buena y efectiva película acerca de un virus mortal de rápida propagación y la carrera contra el tiempo para detenerlo. La película posee, al menos, un par de planos para la posteridad: el plano secuencia que muestra los distintos laboratorios del ejército y la ´´subjetiva```del virus esparciéndose en una sala de cine.

  6. Daniel Bartow's rating of the film Outbreak

    You want to see how a character actor can steal a movie with one scene? Check out JT Walsh's 3 minutes of screentime in this.

  7. Westley's rating of the film Outbreak

    I don't know if it would hold up if I saw it now, but I remember liking it when I was a kid. I've always had a weird fascination with disease and body-horror.

  8. Brian Padian's rating of the film Outbreak

    this is a very bad movie that has the grand distinction of featuring me as an extra. ah the memories

  9. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film Outbreak

    again, another POS movie but i find it fun and exciting...i can always watch it a third or fourth time and still enjoy it.