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  1. Photo of Robert Greenwald

    Robert Greenwald Director and Producer

  2. Photo of James Curry

    James Curry Cinematography

  3. Photo of Will Miller

    Will Miller Cinematography

  4. Photo of Glen Pearcy

    Glen Pearcy Cinematography

  5. Photo of Richard Ray Pérez

    Richard Ray Pérez Cinematography

  6. Photo of Luke Riffle

    Luke Riffle Cinematography

  7. Photo of Bob Sullivan

    Bob Sullivan Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jane Pia Abramawitz

    Jane Pia Abramawitz Editing

  9. Photo of Douglas Cheek

    Douglas Cheek Editing

  10. Photo of Chris M. Gordon

    Chris M. Gordon Editing

  11. Photo of Nicholas O'Toole

    Nicholas O'Toole Music

  12. Photo of David Hutten

    David Hutten Sound

  13. Photo of Jovan Bell

    Jovan Bell Editing

  14. Photo of Erin Kelly

    Erin Kelly Editing

  15. Photo of Monica Kowalski

    Monica Kowalski Editing

  16. Photo of Hannah Williams

    Hannah Williams Editing

  17. Photo of Robert W. McChesney

    Robert W. McChesney Cast

  18. Photo of Jeff Cohen

    Jeff Cohen Cast

  19. Photo of David Brock

    David Brock Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Cronkite

    Walter Cronkite Cast

  21. Photo of Larry C. Johnson

    Larry C. Johnson Cast

  22. Photo of James Wolcott

    James Wolcott Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Hart

    Peter Hart Cast

  24. Photo of Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders Cast

  25. Photo of Joseph A. Cafasso

    Joseph A. Cafasso Cast

  26. Photo of Al Franken

    Al Franken Cast

  27. Photo of Jeremy Glick

    Jeremy Glick Cast

  28. Photo of Larry Irving

    Larry Irving Cast