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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Star Lord's rating of the film Outlander

    Outlander - l'ultimo vichingo. Anche questo è uno di quelli che piacciono a papà.

  2. anarresti's rating of the film Outlander

    This is what good entertainment can be like. Wasn't expecting much, but it is a good movie. There is no excuse for a bad story, when so many professionals write for a living, and so many producers produce for a living and so many... (you get the idea). The problem, maybe is when movies are not about creativity and story but try to be taylormade (like any other product) and they just feel fake hollow and pointless.

  3. Des's rating of the film Outlander

  4. J. O.'s rating of the film Outlander

    While it suffers from pacing issues, and some weird casting (for the Vikings), there is a good film somewhere in here. In the end, the director botched what could have been a great genre film. Instead we're left with great elements that never quite come together. Good supporting performances, great sets, great design, and some really cool concepts going on that just don't quite connect to each other.