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  1. Photo of Felix Chong

    Felix Chong Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alan Mak

    Alan Mak Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lau Ching-wan

    Lau Ching-wan Cast

  4. Photo of Louis Koo

    Louis Koo Cast

  5. Photo of Daniel Wu

    Daniel Wu Cast

  6. Photo of Michelle Ye

    Michelle Ye Cast

  7. Photo of Yi Huang

    Yi Huang Cast

  8. Photo of Kenneth Tsang

    Kenneth Tsang Cast

  9. Photo of Fung Woo

    Fung Woo Cast

  10. Photo of Lok Ying-Kwan

    Lok Ying-Kwan Cast

  11. Photo of Wilfred Lau

    Wilfred Lau Cast

  12. Photo of Joman Chiang

    Joman Chiang Cast

  13. Photo of Chiao Chiao

    Chiao Chiao Cast

  14. Photo of Matt Chow

    Matt Chow Cast

  15. Photo of Alex Fong

    Alex Fong Cast

  16. Photo of Ip King Man

    Ip King Man Cast

  17. Photo of Kong Ai

    Kong Ai Cast

  18. Photo of Kwok Fung

    Kwok Fung Cast

  19. Photo of Dion Lam

    Dion Lam Cast

  20. Photo of Patricia Tang

    Patricia Tang Cast

  21. Photo of Ben Yuen

    Ben Yuen Cast

  22. Photo of Anthony Pun

    Anthony Pun Cinematography

  23. Photo of Chan Kwong-Wing

    Chan Kwong-Wing Music

  24. Photo of Derek Yee Tung-sing

    Derek Yee Tung-sing Producer

  25. Photo of Ronald Wong

    Ronald Wong Producer

  26. Photo of Dai Song

    Dai Song Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Yu Dong

    Yu Dong Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Curran Pang

    Curran Pang Editing

  29. Photo of Kinson Tsang

    Kinson Tsang Sound