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  1. jhubbs's rating of the film Overlord

    Interesting combination of historical footage with original character-based scenes; meshing is not always clean. Bootcamp scenes remind of Full Metal Jacket. Surreal scenes are a highlight. Romance subplot somewhat frivolous. Some beautiful shots and score. Ultimately just too boring: long, inexplicable segments of documentary shots that appear rather randomly throughout, rather than in a tight, controlled manner 2.5

  2. Caitlin's rating of the film Overlord

    "I hate this war" one of the characters says early in the film. "This is a bloody nightmare" the same character says, later on, as his regiment waits to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Interspersing archival war footage, this film captures the nightmare of war, and the machine of it and the mundanity of it.

  3. letters never sent's rating of the film Overlord

    This film seamlessly interspersed contemporary shots with archived footage. It's beautiful and tragic. This is why it's painful, gut-wrenching, and dramatic -- because it happened, and a lot of the footage is real. While this film is fictional, the narrative is non-fiction to people who have sacrificed their lives for freedom.

  4. lylatfox's rating of the film Overlord

    An incredible feat. The sound of machine guns from the planes as they fly low above ground gave me vertigo. Loved the flash forwards and the surrealism. This film really takes you there.

  5. raggiodisole's rating of the film Overlord

    good stuff, the Kubrick influence is clear, and the way that the sad trajectory is interlaced with real footage never lets us escape from the brutality of the circumstances

  6. Ross's rating of the film Overlord

    Beautiful & Chilling.

  7. nickolia's rating of the film Overlord

    difficult not to give it 5* - at the least as a tribute those involved in the real stuff.

  8. CRW's rating of the film Overlord

    Easily one of the best war films I've seen.

  9. james's rating of the film Overlord

  10. daria vas's rating of the film Overlord

    I can rewatch this forever

  11. Jason Callen's rating of the film Overlord

    A great technical achievement and a unique take on a soldiers life. It's focus on the mundane reminds one that the "excitement" of war is but a flash compared to the endless time allowed for contemplation, fear, confusion, and the myriad other emotions that a soldier must face in between facing bullets.

  12. Dry Bones's rating of the film Overlord

    "A year after Overlord came out, John Alcott won a cinematography Oscar for Barry Lyndon. Kubrick asked Alcott to bring me in for a meeting as he had just seen Overlord. We talked mechanics. He was interested in the archive, the lenses and how we blended the footage. At the end he said, You know Stu, I've got one problem with the film... It's an hour and a half too short." (Stuart Cooper)

  13. dinoage's rating of the film Overlord

    As much an indictment of war as an imagined meditation from a lost generation, Cooper throws every meaningless war film cliche at the audience, only to subvert those tropes in exchange for real ones.

  14. Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Overlord

    First 35 minutes very boring but after that it picks up, dears. The plot was predictable (young everyman called up, trained by idiots, reduced to a cipher & sacrificed pointlessly on D-Day) & the lead was ridiculously middle-class. However, the archive footage was amazing and the way the new sequences were shot with old 1930s lenses was v. clever and the joins almost seamless. Worth seeing for its technical skill.

  15. gory™'s rating of the film Overlord

    wonderfull, amazing,heartbreaking and definetly, a must watch movie!!