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  1. Photo of Raymond Burlet

    Raymond Burlet Director

  2. Photo of Michel Clatigny

    Michel Clatigny Screenplay and Art Department

  3. Photo of Bernard Godi

    Bernard Godi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre Coran

    Pierre Coran Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean-Pierre Liccioni

    Jean-Pierre Liccioni Screenplay

  6. Photo of Carl Norac

    Carl Norac Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alain Zouvi

    Alain Zouvi Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Béchard

    Carl Béchard Cast

  9. Photo of Patrick Peuvion

    Patrick Peuvion Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Lesourd

    Daniel Lesourd Cast

  11. Photo of Benoît Rousseau

    Benoît Rousseau Cast

  12. Photo of Carlos Leresche

    Carlos Leresche Music

  13. Photo of Hugh Campbell

    Hugh Campbell Producer

  14. Photo of Ginette Pouliot

    Ginette Pouliot Producer

  15. Photo of Catherine Burniaux

    Catherine Burniaux Editing

  16. Photo of Corrado Amati

    Corrado Amati Animation

  17. Photo of Yolande Baillet

    Yolande Baillet Animation

  18. Photo of Jean Banville

    Jean Banville Animation

  19. Photo of Réjean Beaudoin

    Réjean Beaudoin Animation

  20. Photo of Danica Bennett

    Danica Bennett Animation

  21. Photo of Michel Bernard

    Michel Bernard Animation

  22. Photo of Marie Blanchard

    Marie Blanchard Animation

  23. Photo of Bernie Denk

    Bernie Denk Art Department

  24. Photo of Hilde Neetesonne

    Hilde Neetesonne Art Department

  25. Photo of Michel Lemire

    Michel Lemire Art Department

  26. Photo of Jean Sarault

    Jean Sarault Art Department and Director