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  1. Photo of Michel Brault

    Michel Brault Director

  2. Photo of Ginette Loiselle

    Ginette Loiselle Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Lavallée

    George Lavallée Self

  4. Photo of Louise Rinfret

    Louise Rinfret Self

  5. Photo of Francine Morand

    Francine Morand Self

  6. Photo of Sylvain Rocheleau

    Sylvain Rocheleau Self

  7. Photo of Daniel Laflamme

    Daniel Laflamme Self

  8. Photo of Sébastien Marchand

    Sébastien Marchand Self

  9. Photo of François Fauteux

    François Fauteux Self

  10. Photo of Élizabeth Gagnon

    Élizabeth Gagnon Self

  11. Photo of Jean-Louis Millette

    Jean-Louis Millette Self

  12. Photo of Marcel Sabourin

    Marcel Sabourin Self

  13. Photo of Robert Lalonde

    Robert Lalonde Self

  14. Photo of Maurice Pudbrey

    Maurice Pudbrey Self

  15. Photo of Marc Béland

    Marc Béland Self

  16. Photo of Antoine Durand

    Antoine Durand Self

  17. Photo of Jean Brousseau

    Jean Brousseau Self

  18. Photo of Christian Longpré

    Christian Longpré Self and Producer

  19. Photo of Daniel Villeneuve

    Daniel Villeneuve Cinematography

  20. Photo of Lorraine Prieur

    Lorraine Prieur Music

  21. Photo of Denis Brott

    Denis Brott Music

  22. Photo of Johanne Pothier

    Johanne Pothier Music

  23. Photo of Jean Le Buis

    Jean Le Buis Music

  24. Photo of Réal Beauchemin

    Réal Beauchemin Production Design

  25. Photo of Daniel Arié

    Daniel Arié Editing

  26. Photo of Louis Fraser

    Louis Fraser Sound

  27. Photo of Jean-Michel Rouard

    Jean-Michel Rouard Sound

  28. Photo of Judith Pinsonneault

    Judith Pinsonneault Costume Design