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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Louis Léonard's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

  2. raggiodisole's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    A moving and ultimately frustrating look at 1. the conflict inherent in family life 2. the apparent beast that Israel has become 3. The ability of kids to adapt to almost anything

  3. AnnaMaryRyder's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    'Here I kissed a girl for the first time, and what is homeland if not where you kiss a girl for the first time'

  4. Dan Auty's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Part home movie, part portrait of a city, this film follows a documentary-maker's journey back to her home of Jerusalem after 20 years away in the US. It explores the difficulty of living in the divided city through the eyes of her young children and husband, with intimate, fascinating, sometimes upsetting results.

  5. Luca Prosperi's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    There is no place like home. You can feel its warmth after you leave it, but by that time, it will be too late. You are cursed not to be back, since if at distance it will make you weep, it will crush you as soon as you try to rejoin it. Home is where you were born, and were you should die. This documentary is simple, and heartbreaking.

  6. andrew's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Very moving. The impossibility of Israel.

  7. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Touching portrayal of the tensions and contradictions in the Jew Arab situation. Heartbreaking questions asked by the children. Really points out the senselessness. However at least the children could make their own views known in the family.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Getting full marks as it mixes personal documentary with excellent camera work. If it was just for the documentary, it would probably only get 4. On the latter function, the film performs well and is open about being more about the person behind the camera than about the people in front. It touches on a lot of forgotten subjects and manages to show some reality on a subject where dogmatic reporting tends to prevail.

  9. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Great film, very accessible, really interesting, very personal and honest. A conflicted, divided city and the effect this environment has on the film maker and her family. Simple questions from the children that require complex answers. The personal is political.

  10. Paloma M.'s rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    A very personal and sincere view on the conflicts and contradictions around life in Israel and Jerusalem in particular. The evolution of the family during the years and their inevitable reflection on the political tensions is the main hook (IMO). It's admirable how the kids' reasoning can challenge the parents' and audience's. Good for 'know-it-alls' re: Palestinian conflict.

  11. Pendar Gh's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Judging that all the movie was shot by one person, without any scripting etc, the end result is amazing. I was expecting it to be an informative but boring movie to watch, but couldn't be more surprised as it lets you make emotional connections to all characters and to also get a taste of the atmosphere in the city itself.

  12. Oneb's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    A capricious and sentimental experiment in migratory self-destruction. Curious and dispiriting.

  13. Luca Sage's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    As thought provoking as it is sad, a must see documentary.

  14. Ursula Bree's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    A poignant insight at the very heart of this land: people who were born there, people who live there, people who leave. How many Palestines are there? Not more than you can keep in your heart.

  15. Richard Tuck's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    I found this a wonderful film. Sensitively told and touching. A glimpse into the conflict through the eyes of a mother trying to understand her need to return to her homeland, and the consequences that living there has on the lives of her children, partner and the family as a whole.

  16. Tanya's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Interesting. Did not know the extent of the Jewish settlements. I was touched by the relationship between her son and his best friend, who just happened to be an Arab boy. Love amongst such hatred, not bothered about what religious group either belongs too. As it should be.

  17. Richard Stopford's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    A hard film to watch. You come to understand the schisms of a country born out of division through the pressures it exerts on an ex-pat family who returns there. It becomes increasingly clear that the mother and director, who brought her family there, did it for personal reasons. Reasons, I think, were selfish. But she allows her own camera to reveal that. And its more brave, impressive and human for that honesty.

  18. Maciek Piatek's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    if it isn't apartheid then I don't know what apartheid is. Very personal take on subject.

  19. Jane de Deus's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Modest, earnest. Not mind blowing, but worth my time.

  20. yoni's rating of the film P.S. Jerusalem

    Wonderful film , well done... Philip- what an amazing guy!