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Ratings & Reviews

  1. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Page Eight

    Bill Nighy, for me, is unerasably linked with 'Love Actually', where I took notice of him the very first time; as a comedian. But he is such a colossal versatile character. As Worricker he is delivering a quiet, impressive & calm performance; consistently. 'Page Eight' is a political thriller which succeeds with a very smart script & compelling acting performances of the entire cast. Worth seeing. 3,5 stars.

  2. Sara T'Rula's rating of the film Page Eight

    Fantastic little spy film sans shoot 'em ups or high tech gadgetry. Excellent performances from the cast, and some genius dialogue in places. Characters like Nighy's are quirky yet believable. The best film of this trilogy by far, imo. The film version of a wry smirk in the face of serious political narcissism. Won't be your favourite film ever, but has a good chance of giving you a good evening if you watch it.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Page Eight

    TIFF '11 David Hare directs his first pic in years and makes his best since 'Wetherby". A mature thriller looking at the spy game with the cream of the crop of british talent at Hare's disposal. Bill Nighy perfectly cast here as the spy left holding the bag and the politcal fallout around him trying to deal with his own dept, the govt and the prime minister himself. Well crated and scripted with great performances.

  4. Thirdi Canggi's rating of the film Page Eight

    Semi-anti-James Bond film. There's still the girl.

  5. Narain Jashanmal's rating of the film Page Eight

    Everything that Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy should have been (but sadly wasn't).

  6. FailedImitator's rating of the film Page Eight

    Possibly the slowest spy thriller ever, but I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Mikhael Tarigan's rating of the film Page Eight