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  1. Photo of Monica Palazzo

    Monica Palazzo Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Janice d’Avila

    Janice d’Avila Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pedro Fernandes

    Pedro Fernandes Cast

  4. Photo of Gilsamara Moura

    Gilsamara Moura Cast

  5. Photo of Tieza Tissi

    Tieza Tissi Cast

  6. Photo of Vera Zimmermann

    Vera Zimmermann Cast

  7. Photo of Rodrigo Diaz Diaz

    Rodrigo Diaz Diaz Editing

  8. Photo of Renata Rugai

    Renata Rugai Production Design

  9. Photo of Martin Eikmeier

    Martin Eikmeier Music

  10. Photo of Bruno Palazzo

    Bruno Palazzo Music and Cast

  11. Photo of Luiz Adelmo

    Luiz Adelmo Sound

  12. Photo of Guile Martins

    Guile Martins Sound

  13. Photo of Ana Luiza Pereira

    Ana Luiza Pereira Sound

  14. Photo of Yuli Feisthauer

    Yuli Feisthauer Costume Design