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  1. Photo of Nils Malmros

    Nils Malmros Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Mogensen

    John Mogensen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Per Holst

    Per Holst Producer

  4. Photo of Gunner Møller Pedersen

    Gunner Møller Pedersen Music

  5. Photo of Jan Weincke

    Jan Weincke Cinematography

  6. Photo of Birger Møller Jensen

    Birger Møller Jensen Editing

  7. Photo of Søren Krag Sørensen

    Søren Krag Sørensen Production Design

  8. Photo of Niels Arild

    Niels Arild Sound

  9. Photo of Anne Louise Hassing

    Anne Louise Hassing Cast

  10. Photo of Søren Overgaard

    Søren Overgaard Cast

  11. Photo of Birthe Neumann

    Birthe Neumann Cast

  12. Photo of Anni Bjørn

    Anni Bjørn Cast

  13. Photo of Peder Dahlgaard

    Peder Dahlgaard Cast

  14. Photo of Kamilla Gregersen

    Kamilla Gregersen Cast

  15. Photo of Finn Nielsen

    Finn Nielsen Cast

  16. Photo of Mads-Peter Neumann

    Mads-Peter Neumann Cast

  17. Photo of Victor Marcussen

    Victor Marcussen Cast

  18. Photo of Karin Flensborg

    Karin Flensborg Cast

  19. Photo of Waage Sandø

    Waage Sandø Cast

  20. Photo of Tanja Skov

    Tanja Skov Cast

  21. Photo of Martin Berg

    Martin Berg Cast

  22. Photo of Marianne Pedersen

    Marianne Pedersen Cast

  23. Photo of Majken Jensen

    Majken Jensen Cast

  24. Photo of Laura Katborg

    Laura Katborg Cast

  25. Photo of Niels Ørnen Norup

    Niels Ørnen Norup Cast

  26. Photo of Søren Østergaard

    Søren Østergaard Cast

  27. Photo of Christian Alsøe

    Christian Alsøe Cast

  28. Photo of Poul Otto Udsen

    Poul Otto Udsen Cast

  29. Photo of Ove Pedersen

    Ove Pedersen Cast