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  1. Photo of Antoni Krauze

    Antoni Krauze Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leszek Plazewski

    Leszek Plazewski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stanislawa Celinska

    Stanislawa Celinska Cast

  4. Photo of Andrzej Wilk

    Andrzej Wilk Cast

  5. Photo of Slawomir Idziak

    Slawomir Idziak Cinematography

  6. Photo of Roman Kolski

    Roman Kolski Editing

  7. Photo of Wladyslaw Dewoyno

    Wladyslaw Dewoyno Cast

  8. Photo of Adam Dzieszynski

    Adam Dzieszynski Cast

  9. Photo of Ireneusz Karamon

    Ireneusz Karamon Cast

  10. Photo of Ryszard Kotys

    Ryszard Kotys Cast

  11. Photo of Marta Lawinska

    Marta Lawinska Cast

  12. Photo of Danuta Lewandowska

    Danuta Lewandowska Cast

  13. Photo of Kazimierz Ostrowicz

    Kazimierz Ostrowicz Cast

  14. Photo of Cecylia Putro-Morawska

    Cecylia Putro-Morawska Cast

  15. Photo of Helena Reklewska

    Helena Reklewska Cast