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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lahiru Wanigatunge's rating of the film Pakeezah

    The music and the dancing contain so much emotion. 'Chalate chalate', 'Teer Nazar Dekhenge' and 'Thade Rahiyo' are some of the greatest musical moments in the history of cinema.

  2. Kamran's rating of the film Pakeezah

    Pakeezah is a beautiful, heart rending film. Passionately developed and performed, its beatific sequences are saturated with love and beauty as is the painterly mise-en-scene which adorns the set. Highlighting the film's merits is a wonderful soundtrack which provides entertainment as well as context. 87/100 - Excellent. (4.5)

  3. francisca bacon's rating of the film Pakeezah

    3,5 The green dress dance scene alone was worthy of Pontormo

  4. khan's rating of the film Pakeezah

    it's a classic- dream like-best of all

  5. aquilha1949's rating of the film Pakeezah

    when i was in india this movie was so popular everybody went theater. 1973?

  6. BUSHRA's rating of the film Pakeezah

    this film has a purity as such reflected in its title - the symbolism, the architecture, the songs and clothes - everything feels sincere. it took nearly 14 years to produce this film and you can see the extremely well thought out and details of that laborious time. ALSO PINK PALACE ?? IT'S LIKE A PAINTED ROOH AFZA DRINK<333

  7. tiago's rating of the film Pakeezah

    Exquisite and essential Bollywood ! A devastating film about a woman that has no place in society, but a the same time, such a otherworldly quality, it makes me dream, like Pakeezah, of a possible world, and makes me dance, and cry, and scream like a girl. Oh Pakeezah, maybe in the afterlife, maybe on the moon... ‘Rare is the connoisseur who appreciates such a flower’.