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  1. Photo of Gong Ching

    Gong Ching Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hua Shan

    Hua Shan Director

  3. Photo of Kuang Ni

    Kuang Ni Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lee Wing-Cheung

    Lee Wing-Cheung Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lung Ti

    Lung Ti Cast

  6. Photo of Szu Shih

    Szu Shih Cast

  7. Photo of Ku Feng

    Ku Feng Cast

  8. Photo of Lieh Lo

    Lieh Lo Cast

  9. Photo of Wang Wai

    Wang Wai Cast

  10. Photo of Wang Chung

    Wang Chung Cast

  11. Photo of Shut Chung-Tin

    Shut Chung-Tin Cast

  12. Photo of Nancy Yen Nan-See

    Nancy Yen Nan-See Cast

  13. Photo of Lau Luk-Wa

    Lau Luk-Wa Cast

  14. Photo of Cheung Tak-Wai

    Cheung Tak-Wai Cinematography

  15. Photo of Run Run Shaw

    Run Run Shaw Producer

  16. Photo of Chiang Hsing-lung

    Chiang Hsing-lung Editing

  17. Photo of Henry Cheung Siu-Hei

    Henry Cheung Siu-Hei Editing