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  1. Photo of Werner Schroeter

    Werner Schroeter Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Fava

    Giuseppe Fava Screenplay

  3. Photo of Orazio Torrisi

    Orazio Torrisi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Klaus Dethloff

    Klaus Dethloff Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nicola Zarbo

    Nicola Zarbo Cast

  6. Photo of Otto Sander

    Otto Sander Cast

  7. Photo of Ida Di Benedetto

    Ida Di Benedetto Cast

  8. Photo of Magdalena Montezuma

    Magdalena Montezuma Cast

  9. Photo of Johannes Wacker

    Johannes Wacker Cast

  10. Photo of Antonio Orlando

    Antonio Orlando Cast

  11. Photo of Brigitte Tig

    Brigitte Tig Cast

  12. Photo of Gisela Hahn

    Gisela Hahn Cast

  13. Photo of Calogero Arancio

    Calogero Arancio Cast

  14. Photo of Cavaliere Comparato

    Cavaliere Comparato Cast

  15. Photo of Harry Baer

    Harry Baer Cast

  16. Photo of Gino Orso

    Gino Orso Production Design

  17. Photo of Eric Franck

    Eric Franck Producer

  18. Photo of Thomas Mauch

    Thomas Mauch Producer and Cinematography

  19. Photo of Ursula West

    Ursula West Editing