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  1. Photo of Andrzej Chyra

    Andrzej Chyra Cast

  2. Photo of Robert Gonera

    Robert Gonera Cast

  3. Photo of Magdalena Cielecka

    Magdalena Cielecka Cast

  4. Photo of Grzegorz Warchol

    Grzegorz Warchol Cast

  5. Photo of Adam Ferency

    Adam Ferency Cast

  6. Photo of Arkadiusz Bazak

    Arkadiusz Bazak Cast

  7. Photo of Tomasz Sapryk

    Tomasz Sapryk Cast

  8. Photo of Henryk Talar

    Henryk Talar Cast

  9. Photo of Konrad Niewolski

    Konrad Niewolski Director

  10. Photo of Igor Brejdygant

    Igor Brejdygant Screenplay

  11. Photo of Juliusz Machulski

    Juliusz Machulski Producer

  12. Photo of Bartlomiej Gliniak

    Bartlomiej Gliniak Music

  13. Photo of Arkadiusz Tomiak

    Arkadiusz Tomiak Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jaroslaw Pietraszek

    Jaroslaw Pietraszek Editing

  15. Photo of Monika Sajko

    Monika Sajko Production Design