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  1. Photo of George Sherman

    George Sherman Director

  2. Photo of Giuliano Carnimeo

    Giuliano Carnimeo Director

  3. Photo of Hal Biller

    Hal Biller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Morton Friedman

    Morton Friedman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Maurice Chevalier

    Maurice Chevalier Cast

  6. Photo of Eleanor Parker

    Eleanor Parker Cast

  7. Photo of Jayne Mansfield

    Jayne Mansfield Cast

  8. Photo of Mike Connors

    Mike Connors Cast

  9. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  10. Photo of Carlo Croccolo

    Carlo Croccolo Cast

  11. Photo of Vincent Barbi

    Vincent Barbi Cast

  12. Photo of Kenny Delmar

    Kenny Delmar Cast

  13. Photo of Enzo Serafin

    Enzo Serafin Cinematography

  14. Photo of Georges Garvarentz

    Georges Garvarentz Music

  15. Photo of Ron Gorton

    Ron Gorton Producer

  16. Photo of Gene Ruggiero

    Gene Ruggiero Editing

  17. Photo of Kurt Hernfeld

    Kurt Hernfeld Sound

  18. Photo of Enzo Silvestri

    Enzo Silvestri Sound