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  1. Photo of Eddie Davis

    Eddie Davis Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Charles E. Savage

    Charles E. Savage Screenplay

  3. Photo of Howard Duff

    Howard Duff Cast

  4. Photo of Linda Cristal

    Linda Cristal Cast

  5. Photo of Stephen McNally

    Stephen McNally Cast

  6. Photo of Nehemiah Persoff

    Nehemiah Persoff Cast

  7. Photo of Anne Jeffreys

    Anne Jeffreys Cast

  8. Photo of Oscar Beregi Jr.

    Oscar Beregi Jr. Cast

  9. Photo of Gregory Morton

    Gregory Morton Cast

  10. Photo of Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper Cast

  11. Photo of George Barrows

    George Barrows Cast

  12. Photo of John Hoyt

    John Hoyt Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Franken

    Steve Franken Cast

  14. Photo of Wesley Lau

    Wesley Lau Cast

  15. Photo of Jim Adams

    Jim Adams Cast

  16. Photo of Hank Brandt

    Hank Brandt Cast

  17. Photo of Eddie Firestone

    Eddie Firestone Cast

  18. Photo of Alan Stensvold

    Alan Stensvold Cinematography

  19. Photo of Paul Dunlap

    Paul Dunlap Music

  20. Photo of Earle Lyon

    Earle Lyon Producer

  21. Photo of Terry O. Morse

    Terry O. Morse Editing