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  1. Photo of Lau Lauritzen

    Lau Lauritzen Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alice O'Fredericks

    Alice O'Fredericks Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Victor Cornelius

    Victor Cornelius Music and Cast

  4. Photo of Carlo Bentsen

    Carlo Bentsen Cinematography

  5. Photo of Edith Schlüssel

    Edith Schlüssel Editing

  6. Photo of Erik Rasmussen

    Erik Rasmussen Sound

  7. Photo of Ib Schönberg

    Ib Schönberg Cast

  8. Photo of Arthur Jensen

    Arthur Jensen Cast

  9. Photo of Lis Smed

    Lis Smed Cast

  10. Photo of Carola Merrild

    Carola Merrild Cast

  11. Photo of Poul Reichhardt

    Poul Reichhardt Cast

  12. Photo of Ellen Jansø

    Ellen Jansø Cast

  13. Photo of Knud Almar

    Knud Almar Cast

  14. Photo of Albert Luther

    Albert Luther Cast

  15. Photo of Gunnar Lauring

    Gunnar Lauring Cast

  16. Photo of Alex Zander

    Alex Zander Cast

  17. Photo of Carl Viggo Meincke

    Carl Viggo Meincke Cast

  18. Photo of Connie Meiling

    Connie Meiling Cast

  19. Photo of Muffe

    Muffe Cast