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  1. Photo of Francisco J. Lombardi

    Francisco J. Lombardi Director

  2. Photo of Enrique Moncloa

    Enrique Moncloa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giovanna Pollarolo

    Giovanna Pollarolo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mario Vargas Llosa

    Mario Vargas Llosa Screenplay

  5. Photo of Salvador del Solar

    Salvador del Solar Cast

  6. Photo of Angie Cepeda

    Angie Cepeda Cast

  7. Photo of Mónica Sánchez

    Mónica Sánchez Cast

  8. Photo of Pilar Bardem

    Pilar Bardem Cast

  9. Photo of Gianfranco Brero

    Gianfranco Brero Cast

  10. Photo of Gustavo Bueno

    Gustavo Bueno Cast

  11. Photo of Carlos Kaniowsky

    Carlos Kaniowsky Cast

  12. Photo of Sergio Galliani

    Sergio Galliani Cast

  13. Photo of Tatiana Astengo

    Tatiana Astengo Cast

  14. Photo of Pold Gastello

    Pold Gastello Cast

  15. Photo of Carlos Tuccio

    Carlos Tuccio Cast

  16. Photo of Aristóteles Picho

    Aristóteles Picho Cast

  17. Photo of César Bravo

    César Bravo Cast

  18. Photo of Basilio Soraluz

    Basilio Soraluz Cast

  19. Photo of Norka Ramírez

    Norka Ramírez Cast

  20. Photo of Marisela Puicón

    Marisela Puicón Cast

  21. Photo of Patricia Cabrera

    Patricia Cabrera Cast

  22. Photo of Roxana Yépez

    Roxana Yépez Cast

  23. Photo of Maricielo Effio

    Maricielo Effio Cast

  24. Photo of Teo Delgado

    Teo Delgado Cinematography

  25. Photo of Bingen Mendizábal

    Bingen Mendizábal Music

  26. Photo of José Enrique Crousillat

    José Enrique Crousillat Producer

  27. Photo of Mariela Besuievski

    Mariela Besuievski Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Gustavo Sánchez

    Gustavo Sánchez Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Danielle Fillios

    Danielle Fillios Editing

  30. Photo of David Miranda

    David Miranda Sound