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  1. Photo of Pierre Chevalier

    Pierre Chevalier Director

  2. Photo of Olivier Mathot

    Olivier Mathot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georges Friedland

    Georges Friedland Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ilona Koch

    Ilona Koch Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylor Cast

  6. Photo of Karin Schubert

    Karin Schubert Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-René Gossart

    Jean-René Gossart Cast

  8. Photo of Analía Ivars

    Analía Ivars Cast

  9. Photo of Francoise Bocci

    Francoise Bocci Cast

  10. Photo of Donna Cross

    Donna Cross Cast

  11. Photo of Karn Burssels

    Karn Burssels Cast

  12. Photo of Virginia Svenson

    Virginia Svenson Cast

  13. Photo of Donald O'Brien

    Donald O'Brien Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Darton

    Roger Darton Cast

  15. Photo of John Rounds

    John Rounds Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Mayans

    Antonio Mayans Cast

  17. Photo of Shirley Knight

    Shirley Knight Cast

  18. Photo of Max Monteillet

    Max Monteillet Cinematography

  19. Photo of Phil Uyuer

    Phil Uyuer Cinematography

  20. Photo of Douglas Cooper

    Douglas Cooper Music

  21. Photo of Jeffrey G. Gusman

    Jeffrey G. Gusman Music

  22. Photo of Chalrie Depauw

    Chalrie Depauw Producer

  23. Photo of Jesús Franco

    Jesús Franco Producer

  24. Photo of Ken Johnston

    Ken Johnston Producer

  25. Photo of Sybil Danning

    Sybil Danning Producer and Cast

  26. Photo of Barry Lensky

    Barry Lensky Editing

  27. Photo of Peter Marks

    Peter Marks Editing

  28. Photo of Annick Laine

    Annick Laine Costume Design