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  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Paperhouse

    3.8 stars. It has a charming dreariness about it that feels a lot closer to childhood than many more realistically acted films. In this it shares spiritual kinship with Philip Ridley's 'The Reflecting Skin', though 'Paperhouse' is quieter. I really like the flat hammered out of shape objects which feel like congealed blobs of the unconscious. An "uncanny film" rather than a horror film. Duff ending though.

  2. Steve G.'s rating of the film Paperhouse

    In which Spudgun from Bottom gets told by Abby Keaton from ER to empty his bin lorry.

  3. snowjade's rating of the film Paperhouse

  4. Joshua's rating of the film Paperhouse

    A brilliant film that easily could have faltered into blah-ness, but made it out through the narrow margins into something personal and true to the young heart. Scenes that would have made me roll my eyes in any other film were set up with enough emotional investment in Anna and Mark.

  5. Palmat's rating of the film Paperhouse

    Shoddy acting, pedestrian visuals and a narrative pace worthy of a sleepwalker. It is a shame since the script had real potential but for me this was incredibly dull and pointless.

  6. Noah Lethbridge's rating of the film Paperhouse

    What a strange movie. The score is amazing: choral, oratorio-style writing with synths. Fevers and brains are just fascinating.

  7. Tigrão's rating of the film Paperhouse

    Great story, visually haunting and very well directed, disturbing imagery (the "Blind" Father), but it was so BADLY acted. that's the only negative point I have. The little girl has no charisma on screen, and the mom has a completely emotionless delivery. it's a pity, because it could have been brilliant if better acted.

  8. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Paperhouse

    One of those movies that should be (waywaywaywayway) better than it is. Full Review:

  9. ennui.'s rating of the film Paperhouse

    Oh Mark, oh Elliott. Both of you, are not here in this crap world.

  10. Marcus Killerby's rating of the film Paperhouse

    Great premise for a movie. The first 2 thirds of the film are very good, very creepy and effective, but in the last act the film let's itself down. It doesn't become terrible, or even bad, it just stops being good.The little girl is great, as is her mother, but the performances are slightly ruined by lazy dubbing. There is a mini-series version that came out before the movie, Escape Into Night, I must find it.

  11. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film Paperhouse

  12. film_lies101's rating of the film Paperhouse

    Everything the Harry Potter series aspired to be ...

  13. CRW's rating of the film Paperhouse

    I've never seen a film like this before!