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  1. Photo of Vicco von Bülow

    Vicco von Bülow Cast, Screenplay Director

  2. Photo of Evelyn Hamann

    Evelyn Hamann Cast

  3. Photo of Ortrud Beginnen

    Ortrud Beginnen Cast

  4. Photo of Dagmar Biener

    Dagmar Biener Cast

  5. Photo of Irm Hermann

    Irm Hermann Cast

  6. Photo of Inge Wolffberg

    Inge Wolffberg Cast

  7. Photo of Hans-Peter Korff

    Hans-Peter Korff Cast

  8. Photo of Hans-Günter Martens

    Hans-Günter Martens Cast

  9. Photo of Hans-Helmut Müller

    Hans-Helmut Müller Cast

  10. Photo of Gerrit Schmidt-Foß

    Gerrit Schmidt-Foß Cast

  11. Photo of Dagmar Gruhl

    Dagmar Gruhl Cast

  12. Photo of Kurt Hübner

    Kurt Hübner Cast

  13. Photo of Gerd Dudenhöffer

    Gerd Dudenhöffer Cast

  14. Photo of Heinz Rennhack

    Heinz Rennhack Cast

  15. Photo of Heinz Meier

    Heinz Meier Cast

  16. Photo of Ludger Pistor

    Ludger Pistor Cast

  17. Photo of Katharina Brauren

    Katharina Brauren Cast

  18. Photo of Dagmar Altrichter

    Dagmar Altrichter Cast

  19. Photo of Brigitte Sanner

    Brigitte Sanner Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus Münster

    Klaus Münster Cast

  21. Photo of Monika Ogonek

    Monika Ogonek Cast

  22. Photo of Luise Lunow

    Luise Lunow Cast

  23. Photo of Ursula Reit

    Ursula Reit Cast

  24. Photo of Erich Schwarz

    Erich Schwarz Cast

  25. Photo of Udo Thomer

    Udo Thomer Cast

  26. Photo of Elisabeth Goebel

    Elisabeth Goebel Cast

  27. Photo of Karl-Ulrich Meves

    Karl-Ulrich Meves Cast

  28. Photo of Charlotte Asendorf

    Charlotte Asendorf Cast

  29. Photo of Nikolaus Schilling

    Nikolaus Schilling Cast

  30. Photo of Walter Jacob

    Walter Jacob Cast

  31. Photo of Kurt Ackermann

    Kurt Ackermann Cast

  32. Photo of Günther Gürsch

    Günther Gürsch Cast

  33. Photo of Günther M. Stocklöv

    Günther M. Stocklöv Cast

  34. Photo of Antonia Lerch

    Antonia Lerch Cast

  35. Photo of Gerda Gmelin

    Gerda Gmelin Cast

  36. Photo of Alexander May

    Alexander May Cast

  37. Photo of Balduin Baas

    Balduin Baas Cast

  38. Photo of Klaus Jepsen

    Klaus Jepsen Cast

  39. Photo of Evelyn Meyka

    Evelyn Meyka Cast

  40. Photo of Ingrid von Bothmer

    Ingrid von Bothmer Cast

  41. Photo of Heidemarie Schneider

    Heidemarie Schneider Cast

  42. Photo of Bernd Raucamp

    Bernd Raucamp Cast

  43. Photo of Eleonore Wittekind

    Eleonore Wittekind Cast

  44. Photo of Daniela Hoffmann

    Daniela Hoffmann Cast

  45. Photo of Joseph Rothmann

    Joseph Rothmann Cast

  46. Photo of Gérard Vandenberg

    Gérard Vandenberg Cinematography

  47. Photo of Rolf Wilhelm

    Rolf Wilhelm Music

  48. Photo of Willy Egger

    Willy Egger Producer

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