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  1. thebluntblack's rating of the film Paprika

    Does 'Inception' heavily influenced by this movie? (lol)

  2. Maratka Alarma's rating of the film Paprika

    место, откуда растут ноги у стерильного нолановского Inception. Прости нас, Сатоси, мы все проебали

  3. Brian Ferguson's rating of the film Paprika

    amongst the most demented films I've ever seen. Incredible animation! A sad loss, the director is no longer with us.

  4.'s rating of the film Paprika

    An amazing visual ride on top of a story that is engaging and not predictable. Thoroughly engaging on all levels.

  5. horsesholidayclub's rating of the film Paprika

    susumu hirasawa did so good with this one

  6. Bob's rating of the film Paprika

    More action packed than "Inception" and more abstract than "Mulholland Drive", this eye-pleasing modern classic also offers witty dialogues, grains of wisdom and psychological foreplay between its characters. Dream levels are used as a backdrops of different genres with nods to Kubrick, Disney, James Bond and monster movies - which is appropriately entwined with allegory of love for the film that closes this story.

  7. Fritz's rating of the film Paprika

    What the actual f? A complete mind fvckery.

  8. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Paprika

    Pecah pala gue nonton film animasi ini. Opening film udah disuguhin konflik yang bener-bener rumit, sebenernya ya kita emang bener2 jadi penonton yg kaya ketinggalan cerita. Baru kali ini animasi bikin gue mikir keras. Tapi ngeliat semua aksinya sah-sah ajah sih kalo dibuat animasi, karna gue rasa akan beda rasanya kalo dijadikan live action. Ya live actionnya di trnasformasikan sama nolan jadi film Inception.

  9. yovargas's rating of the film Paprika

  10. Boyuan123's rating of the film Paprika

  11. meepy's rating of the film Paprika

    I first watched Perfect Blue and was amazed by its flawless editing and animation. Many people compare Paprika to Inception. I personally feel that this film is way better than Inception. Satoshi Kon takes intense and breaking stories and melts it into one bloody mad film.

  12. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film Paprika

  13. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Paprika

    Intriguing mix of various themes and ideas are put into one huge dream of surreal imagery and insane fantasy. The story challenges the mind and forces one to think and actually analyze what happens. The characters though could have been better developed with especially the villain coming out as an obvious one. The ending climax also whimpers with a love reveal that feels totally unconvincing.

  14. nadnab's rating of the film Paprika

  15. JanP's rating of the film Paprika

    Only the second anime I have ever watched. Have put off watching them before because I thought they would be cute and trite. How wrong I was. Loved everything about it, graphics, complexity of plot, and questioning of personal intrusion even into dreams. Then was devastated to find that Satoshi Kon had died some years previously.

  16. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Paprika

    Nuts. With a liberal sprinkling of paprika.

  17. David Maiden's rating of the film Paprika

    Challenging plot with solid animation, definitely worth watching

  18. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Paprika

  19. Alex Prior's rating of the film Paprika

    Superb film. Surreal, inventive and it still feels fresh and relevant today.

  20. mooloo's rating of the film Paprika

    the concept of dreams and reality colliding is super interesting and i really liked it up until the last 30 minutes or so, then it became a bit too trippy for me. i was questioning what i'm watching and how we got to this point. totally understand the obession over Kon's work now though.

  21. John Yau's rating of the film Paprika

    It’s a surreal and fun visual journey, very enjoyable

  22. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Paprika

    It is disarmingly beautiful. However, it is cluttered with the typical nonsense and digression that loses me in Japanese anime and games. Hideo Kojima does it with Metal Gear. One assumes that these directors take their material far more serious than necessary, and that telling their story articulately makes them somewhat less of a genius.

  23. MisterColo93's rating of the film Paprika

  24. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Paprika

    Director Satoshi Kon, who also wrote the script with Seishi Minakami (based on the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui), presents viewers with a world of dreams. Bright, lively, thrilling dreams. These dreams are being manipulated by a device called the DC Mini, which can help people by manipulating their dreams to, hopefully, cure physical ailments. And that is just the starting point for this weird and wild animated movie.

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