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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dave gunn's rating of the film Para Elisa

    Slower and more painful than anything the main character experiences off camera. This was empty, lazy, and awful.

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Para Elisa

    Despite its 74 minute runtime, Para Elisa feels stretched out. The many scenes of its character trying to escape, and her boyfriend looking for her, all feel samey and routine. The acting is generally good, there's an ominous atmosphere conjured with the use of lighting, and it has some shocking and tension-filled scenes. However, Para Elisa needed more meat, or should've been shorter for fuller impact.

  3. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film Para Elisa

    Pequeño filme de horror que, si bien no tiene nada de originalidad, resulta pasable, gracias a que está aceptablemente producido, montado, y consigue construir un mínimo de suspenso en su hora y cuarto de duración.