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Ratings & Reviews

  1. affasf's rating of the film Paradise

    Portraying the Iranian trajectory finds its natural incarnation in the ill-incubated love affair of a young adult that juggles every definitive involvement with the real, as the claudicant kino-eye states her affections in a mirrored, cyclical, gaze at totalitarian propaganda and moral dictatorship.

  2. Kamran's rating of the film Paradise

    Review Published by Next Projection [REVIEW] 73/100 - PARADISE Though beautifully told, the film appears to constantly loop conversation on the conflict between tradition and modernity, liberty and control, and expression and repression, without ever providing something particularly resourceful or insightful by its end. Read full review:

  3. Sophie C.'s rating of the film Paradise

    Nicely filmed and with some strong moments. A bit repetitive though and the ending didn't convince me.