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  1. Photo of Alvin Rakoff

    Alvin Rakoff Director

  2. Photo of John Mortimer

    John Mortimer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Hordern

    Michael Hordern Cast

  4. Photo of Annette Crosbie

    Annette Crosbie Cast

  5. Photo of David Threlfall

    David Threlfall Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Egan

    Peter Egan Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Shelley

    Paul Shelley Cast

  8. Photo of Eleanor David

    Eleanor David Cast

  9. Photo of Colin Blakely

    Colin Blakely Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Vernon

    Richard Vernon Cast

  11. Photo of Jill Bennett

    Jill Bennett Cast

  12. Photo of Zoë Wanamaker

    Zoë Wanamaker Cast

  13. Photo of Colin Jeavons

    Colin Jeavons Cast

  14. Photo of Albert Welling

    Albert Welling Cast

  15. Photo of Harold Innocent

    Harold Innocent Cast

  16. Photo of Thomas Heathcote

    Thomas Heathcote Cast

  17. Photo of Claire Oberman

    Claire Oberman Cast

  18. Photo of Alan Rowe

    Alan Rowe Cast

  19. Photo of Thorley Walters

    Thorley Walters Cast

  20. Photo of Andrew Bicknell

    Andrew Bicknell Cast

  21. Photo of Sylvia Kay

    Sylvia Kay Cast

  22. Photo of Ann Davies

    Ann Davies Cast

  23. Photo of Tom Chadbon

    Tom Chadbon Cast

  24. Photo of William Hootkins

    William Hootkins Cast

  25. Photo of Dominic Jephcott

    Dominic Jephcott Cast

  26. Photo of Kenny Ireland

    Kenny Ireland Cast

  27. Photo of Jacqueline Hill

    Jacqueline Hill Cast

  28. Photo of Patricia Lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence Cast

  29. Photo of Marsha Fitzalan

    Marsha Fitzalan Cast

  30. Photo of Gwyneth Strong

    Gwyneth Strong Cast

  31. Photo of Lill Roughley

    Lill Roughley Cast

  32. Photo of Margaret Courtenay

    Margaret Courtenay Cast

  33. Photo of Bryan Pringle

    Bryan Pringle Cast

  34. Photo of Roger Webb

    Roger Webb Music

  35. Photo of Michael Stringer

    Michael Stringer Production Design

  36. Photo of Jacqueline Davis

    Jacqueline Davis Producer

  37. Photo of Lloyd Shirley

    Lloyd Shirley Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Johnny Goodman

    Johnny Goodman Executive Producer