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  1. Photo of José Medeiros

    José Medeiros Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Isabel Ribeiro

    Isabel Ribeiro Cast

  3. Photo of Paulo Moura

    Paulo Moura Cast and Music

  4. Photo of Marcus Vinicius

    Marcus Vinicius Cast

  5. Photo of Paulão

    Paulão Cast

  6. Photo of Isabella

    Isabella Cast

  7. Photo of Reginaldo Faria

    Reginaldo Faria Cast

  8. Photo of Haroldo de Oliveira

    Haroldo de Oliveira Cast

  9. Photo of Zózimo Bulbul

    Zózimo Bulbul Cast

  10. Photo of Jorge Coutinho

    Jorge Coutinho Cast

  11. Photo of Nildo Parente

    Nildo Parente Cast

  12. Photo of Milton Gonçalves

    Milton Gonçalves Cast

  13. Photo of Maurício do Valle

    Maurício do Valle Cast

  14. Photo of Louise Cardoso

    Louise Cardoso Cast