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  1. Photo of Alberto Sordi

    Alberto Sordi Director, Cast, Screenplay, Executive Producer & 1 more
    Alberto Sordi Director, Cast, Screenplay, Executive Producer, Producer

  2. Photo of Sergio Amidei

    Sergio Amidei Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anna Lina Alberti

    Anna Lina Alberti Cast

  4. Photo of Bibi Andersson

    Bibi Andersson Cast

  5. Photo of Renato Angiolillo

    Renato Angiolillo Cast

  6. Photo of Laura Antonelli

    Laura Antonelli Cast

  7. Photo of Dario Argento

    Dario Argento Cast and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tina Aumont

    Tina Aumont Cast

  9. Photo of Ennio Balbo

    Ennio Balbo Cast

  10. Photo of Nino Besozzi

    Nino Besozzi Cast

  11. Photo of Caterina Boratto

    Caterina Boratto Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Cumani Quasimodo

    Maria Cumani Quasimodo Cast

  13. Photo of Jed Curtis

    Jed Curtis Cast

  14. Photo of Anita Ekberg

    Anita Ekberg Cast

  15. Photo of Silvana Mangano

    Silvana Mangano Cast

  16. Photo of Giulietta Masina

    Giulietta Masina Cast

  17. Photo of Elena Fabrizi

    Elena Fabrizi Cast

  18. Photo of Mario Pisu

    Mario Pisu Cast

  19. Photo of Leontine Snell

    Leontine Snell Cast

  20. Photo of Marco Tulli

    Marco Tulli Cast

  21. Photo of Benito Frattari

    Benito Frattari Cinematography

  22. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  23. Photo of Antonietta Zita

    Antonietta Zita Editing