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  1. Apaana's rating of the film Pariah

    this sh!t stressed me out. great film but i cannot watch it again, y'know? i love adepero & dee tho!

  2. orangepeelon's rating of the film Pariah

    GREAT movie that is centered around black lesbians' narratives.

  3. Rocco Oliveira's rating of the film Pariah

  4. Beatriz Magro's rating of the film Pariah

  5. Chris's rating of the film Pariah

    the pic makes the movie look happy but i cried at least 3 times 9/10

  6. GORGEOUS's rating of the film Pariah

  7. empcollapse's rating of the film Pariah

    nice to see no yt ppl. i had to hold back my tears during that violent argument at the end.. so painful.

  8. hellobonjour's rating of the film Pariah

  9. flamingo jones's rating of the film Pariah

    Tender narrative with a strong lead that got crippled by confused storytelling and underdeveloped supporting characters.

  10. meixio's rating of the film Pariah

    Cute and gay. Not the greatest movie, but it's real and it's gay and it's worth the watch for the ending.

  11. The Ole' Razzle Dazzle's rating of the film Pariah

    there are way too many good things about this movie MUST SEE MUST SEE

  12. Hannah Seitz's rating of the film Pariah

    beautifully shot with an amazing performance by Adepero Oduye. the story seemed cliched as I was watching it, but it's ending is just the right note- it's about learning to love yourself, and in order to do so you have to leave behind what is tearing you down.

  13. AnnalieseVevo's rating of the film Pariah

    An important movie. Great to see queer kids who aren't white rich gay boys

  14. smeef's rating of the film Pariah

    nice to see gay ppl that don't look like ellen degeneres

  15. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Pariah

    it was so refreshing to see an all black (and mainly female) cast. heartbreakingly honest and beautifully shot. i loved it

  16. EEE333's rating of the film Pariah

  17. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Pariah

    Pariah feels so authentic in its acting and grounded in its storytelling that it's almost realistic to a fault. The story may feel predictable because the drama and emotion doesn't quite shake you up as much as the more dramatic renderings of the story could do when they amplify the realism with more extreme consequences of the situation. Yet, it's honorable and smart because it feels earthbound, not fictional.

  18. kétia pina's rating of the film Pariah

    really simple but so well done. the final speech was amazing

  19. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Pariah

    Un filme que se deja ver. No hay nada en especial. Bien filmado aunque con pocas pretensiones.

  20. sleptember's rating of the film Pariah

    What an experience. An achingly emotional film for me, a black queer girl. Saw it this evening on my birthday: precious gift.

  21. dschank's rating of the film Pariah

    a multifaceted look at a young black woman dealing with her sexuality that avoids all the stereotypical trappings of "issue movie" melodrama, and features a half-dozen astounding performances (omg kim wayans!)... "pariah" dives deep into the social dynamics of homophobia, through the eyes of the protagonist's parents as they struggle with their own beliefs, shortcomings and external pressures. truly excellent.

  22. msmichel's rating of the film Pariah

    TIFF '11 The main reason to see this one is the knockout performance by Adepero Oduye as our protoganist. Not often has a performance seemed so raw and earnest. A young girl not cut out for her mother's expectations or her fathers' inability to see the truth as she discovers that her sexual attractions are not condoned. Excellent calling card for director Dee Rees who I think we can expect great things from.

  23. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Pariah

    A tender exploration of an underdocumented aspect of the modern queer experiment, "Pariah" is nevertheless unable to avoid some of the predictable traps of much queer cinema. Competently acted and narratively focused in the beginning, it quickly gets somewhat lost between a tender-hearted coming out story and a domestic drama riddled with cliched, one-note characterizations.

  24. Malik's rating of the film Pariah

    It's 2012. Black women are still asking Ain't I A Woman? That alone is why this film is important and necessary. To boil it down to "just another coming out story" completely misses the point.

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