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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Paris by Night

    His night is a series of conversations. He knows all the players, and it's a seemingly endless set of negotiations as he goes back and forth between them all. The mood is tranquil with just a hint of menace. Mr. Zem is perfectly cast as a vice cop who's trying not to get dirty. He is the embodiment of cool, so of course he's always smoking. Those French people love to look cool. Stylish and well paced.

  2. Steve G.'s rating of the film Paris by Night

    Terrific crime drama that is fast-moving and constantly evolving without ever juddering through its plot points. Marvellous performances from Roschdy Zem and Sara Forestier in the leads are integral to how well this plays out.

  3. Øivind Breen's rating of the film Paris by Night

    Intens, herlig casting og miljøskilsdringer, så behagelig langt fra forutsigbare hollywood-thriller-oppskrifter