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  1. Jim's rating of the film Paris Frills

    ★★ /DCP/ Becker’s frustrating misfire lingers on the droll melodramatics of a doomed love affair instead of the far more tantalizing world of fashion with its eye rolling back biting pithiness. Rouleau, is good as the monstrous designer, but Becker never establishes the emotional power of his infatuation, making his tragic demise more eye rolling than moving.

  2. christian's rating of the film Paris Frills

    A descent into madness... Because of a woman's beauty. And a man's tortured soul. I don't think that anyone knows if the lead character was ever sincere about his intentions. Yet the final act shows he was. After everyone had given up on him. Great 40's ping-pong scene as another reviewer mentioned. PS As a native French speaker, I had trouble keeping up w/ the generally frantic dialog!! Were they all on speed..?

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Paris Frills

    An unusually unsexy, tragic romance between a pretty face and a scoundrel. The leitmotif of the mannequin would send Molly Haskell into hysterics - so it's the one truly interesting bit about it, outside of Presle, who seems born to seduce even the worst of men into a higher idealism.

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Paris Frills

    Very sappy and overly sentimental for my tastes. A smooth talking jerk of a fashion designer has designs on romancing his buddy's girl. And the movie breaks out into a big yawn. Not much excitement or interest here. A bit slow. A bit frivolous. A bit boring. Just not my bag.

  5. Honeychurch's rating of the film Paris Frills

    best 40s ping pong scene I've seen in a long time. btw Mubi-- the background hiss on this one was almost unbearable at times...

  6. Loz Loory's rating of the film Paris Frills

    Hah. The male gaze that became a stare that became a fugue state. Nice behind-the-scenes look at a 1940s French couture house. Excellent work from the secondary actors. Otherwise, rather tedious, vapid acting from the leads. Did not sense any concrete screen connection between them, so never cared much for the changes in their lives. Plot modernized from Pygmalion and Galatea, though without happy ending.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Paris Frills

    C'est un peu mélodramatique mais d'une réelle sympathie et d'un intérêt constant.

  8. chanandre's rating of the film Paris Frills

    [Cinémathèque PT #326: 35 mm] (2006)

  9. ZYNAB's rating of the film Paris Frills

    apparently Jean Paul Gaultier's favorite movie as a child