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  1. Photo of Jennie Livingston

    Jennie Livingston Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Barry Swimar

    Barry Swimar Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Gibson

    Paul Gibson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jonathan Oppenheim

    Jonathan Oppenheim Editing

  5. Photo of Carmen and Brooke

    Carmen and Brooke Cast

  6. Photo of André Christian

    André Christian Cast

  7. Photo of Dorian Corey

    Dorian Corey Cast

  8. Photo of Paris Duprée

    Paris Duprée Cast

  9. Photo of David The Father Xtravaganza

    David The Father Xtravaganza Cast

  10. Photo of Pepper LaBeija

    Pepper LaBeija Cast

  11. Photo of Willi Ninja

    Willi Ninja Cast

  12. Photo of Octavia St. Laurent

    Octavia St. Laurent Cast

  13. Photo of Venus Xtravaganza

    Venus Xtravaganza Cast

  14. Photo of Anji Xtravaganza

    Anji Xtravaganza Cast

  15. Photo of Nigel Finch

    Nigel Finch Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Davis Lacy

    Davis Lacy Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Pawel Wdowczak

    Pawel Wdowczak Sound