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  1. David Mynar's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    You start watching, enjoy the atmosphere of contemporary Paris, and wait for a plot to unravel. After one hour of watching wannabe gangsters chatting and in night clubs, barbers and bars, your attention starts to fade. And there is not much more to it. This movie is well shot, but lacks stronger emotions and interesting story. Not worth the time imho.

  2. Superfrog's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Interesting character study, decently shot. Definitely worth a watch!

  3. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Paris Prestige

  4. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    An impressive film. More preoccupied with constructive relationships in its fluidic web of characters than the destructive derailments centerstage of other films among the 'New' "City-movies" (Berlin's VICTORIA, New York's GOOD TIME),the neighbourhood of Pigalle, Paris is nonetheless a character here,among this group of outliers and low lives trying to go by and better themselves-refreshing,realist drama,no artifice.

  5. ermonnezza's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    The movie realistically features multiple strippers, and prostitutes. The casual sexism displayed by the male protagonists is also realistic. The directors seem to endorse this by failing to portray these women as human beings: they play no bigger role than the bottles and cigarettes that entertain men. Pity because they seem to know how to arouse sympathy for other minor characters, like the homeless man or the aunt

  6. Lee Donowitz's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    A really good snapshot of gritty, multicultural Pigalle in modern day Paris without all the usual Parisian cliches. At it's heart a story of the complex relationship that exists between brothers - highly recommended!

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Enjoyable first feature from directors Hame and Ekoue featuring a very strong turn by Reda Kateb as a recently released con given a brief taste of a better life before being conned himself. Set in the Pigalle district of Paris the vibrant life of the neighbourhood is well captured.

  8. glhrmefc's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    You will fall, rise and fall again, and in the end, remain friends and family. It is also interesting to see a real Paris. Different from what is generally seen (just glamor and romance).

  9. Jose Miguel's rating of the film Paris Prestige

  10.'s rating of the film Paris Prestige

    This film just made it into my favourites list no doubt. Bourokba and Labitey just gave a lesson in simplicity and effortlessness (flow). Sometimes that’s all it takes to tell a good story. If you judge this movie for what it is, and what it’s meant to portray, it’ll be hard to miss the point and ultimately leading to a more than pleasant viewing experience. This is no doubt a real attempt at storytelling.

  11. captainfez's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Go legit and see what happens.

  12. chloe's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    It takes a talented and intelligent film maker to keep you interested in characters that just seem like a**holes and then create an unexpected turning point which makes you see them in a new light. realist in the best sense of the word- the day-to-day reality of Parisian life I recognise from living there. a deeply human story about the kind of men you might well write off.

  13. Juan Javier's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    No está mal, pero quizá algo melosa.

  14. kowalski's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    C `est respect mon ami.... il y a alcohol?

  15. Gen Ueda's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Not bad. But the new owner who calls the police is the worst actress I ever seen. I felt very bad during the only minute she appears on the screen.

  16. tinderness's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Ein sehr berührender Film um die sterbende Hoffnung von einem Leben, in der man respektiert werden will. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt, aber sie stirbt. Ein Satz wird mir lange in Erinnerung bleiben: "Wir wuchsen auf wie auf Sand." Paris, fernab jeder Touristenidylle, geschwätzig und gnadenlos.

  17. Asif Jatt's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    I enjoyed this very much. It shows a side of Paris we don't get to see so often in movies set there. This is the gritty Paris of the immigrant community and it is a million miles away from the cafes of the Left Bank where beautiful students discuss philosophy whilst having love affairs. This tale of two brothers was brilliantly acted. The only false note seemed Melanie Laurent as she seemed out of place here.

  18. Rory Dunn's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Exceedingly dull in it's drab, overworn plot and uninteresting, cliched characters, Paris Prestige is nothing new and nothing exciting.

  19. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    It’s a simple story, told and filmed in a bare-bones style. You swallow it like a good single malt whiskey, you feel good and then you forget about it except maybe for the farewell scene where brothers hug and go their ways. This will stay with you for a little while. And perhaps that’s good enough.

  20. fearraigh's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Though there is no shortage of French films about minority communities, it's rare you see one set intra-muros in Paris. This tale of an ex-con, played by the ever brilliant Kateb, trying to become legit (in Pigalle of all places!) is a well modulated film that will ring true to anyone who knows that part of Paris. Reminded me of Mean Streets, in a non-derivative way. Only flaw is Laurent, who looks a bit out of place

  21. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Paris Prestige

    Pas mal, se laisse regarder malgré les dialogues assez faiblards (mais bon, vu la population montrée, c'est relativement réaliste :x), bons acteurs, scène à la fin à la terasse d'un café touchante. Mais voilà, triste image de Paris et de la France moderne qui, même si totalement naturaliste/vraie, fait toujours mal au coeur...

  22. Florencja Bandini's rating of the film Paris Prestige