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  1. Photo of Louis Feuillade

    Louis Feuillade Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-François-Alfred Bayard

    Jean-François-Alfred Bayard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Émile Vanderbruch

    Émile Vanderbruch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maurice Champreux

    Maurice Champreux Cinematography and Editing

  5. Photo of Léon Morizet

    Léon Morizet Cinematography

  6. Photo of Xipov

    Xipov Cinematography

  7. Photo of René Poyen

    René Poyen Cast

  8. Photo of Bouboule

    Bouboule Cast

  9. Photo of Sandra Milovanoff

    Sandra Milovanoff Cast

  10. Photo of Adolphe Cande

    Adolphe Cande Cast

  11. Photo of Berthe Jalabert

    Berthe Jalabert Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Devalde

    Jean Devalde Cast

  13. Photo of Henri-Amédée Charpentier

    Henri-Amédée Charpentier Cast

  14. Photo of Renée van Delly

    Renée van Delly Cast

  15. Photo of Robert-Jules Garnier

    Robert-Jules Garnier Production Design