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  1. Photo of John M. Stahl

    John M. Stahl Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Elsie T. Schauffler

    Elsie T. Schauffler Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Van Druten

    John Van Druten Screenplay

  4. Photo of S.N. Behrman

    S.N. Behrman Screenplay

  5. Photo of William Axt

    William Axt Music

  6. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  7. Photo of George J. Folsey

    George J. Folsey Cinematography

  8. Photo of Fredrick Y. Smith

    Fredrick Y. Smith Editing

  9. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  10. Photo of James Burbridge

    James Burbridge Sound

  11. Photo of Clark Gable

    Clark Gable Cast

  12. Photo of Myrna Loy

    Myrna Loy Cast

  13. Photo of Edna May Oliver

    Edna May Oliver Cast

  14. Photo of Edmund Gwenn

    Edmund Gwenn Cast

  15. Photo of Alan Marshall

    Alan Marshall Cast

  16. Photo of Donald Crisp

    Donald Crisp Cast

  17. Photo of Billie Burke

    Billie Burke Cast

  18. Photo of Berton Churchill

    Berton Churchill Cast

  19. Photo of Donald Meek

    Donald Meek Cast

  20. Photo of Montagu Love

    Montagu Love Cast

  21. Photo of Byron Russell

    Byron Russell Cast

  22. Photo of Brandon Tynan

    Brandon Tynan Cast

  23. Photo of Phyllis Coghlan

    Phyllis Coghlan Cast

  24. Photo of Neil Fitzgerald

    Neil Fitzgerald Cast

  25. Photo of George Zucco

    George Zucco Cast